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On September 24th, Tocqueville Society members virtually gathered for a conversation on how to address the racial inequities that persist in our communities. But how do we turn conversation into action and collaborate to create deep, wide-scale change? Tocqueville Society members Aiko Bethea, Shan Cooper, Milton J. Little, Jr., Glenn Mitchell and Chris Peck  discussed the United for Racial Equity & Healing Fund, as well as the actions we must all take to create an inclusive, equitable society. 

  • Aiko Bethea
    Aiko Bethea

    Principal and Founder,  
    RARE Coaching & Consulting

  • Glenn Mitchell
    Glenn Mitchell

    Managing Partner, EY Atlanta;
    United Way of Greater Atlanta Board of Directors

  • Milton J. Little, Jr.
    Milton J. Little, Jr.

    CEO and President,
    United Way of Greater Atlanta

  • Shan Cooper
    Shan Cooper

    Executive Director, 
    Atlanta Committee for Progress 

  • Chris Peck
    Chris Peck

    Tocqueville Society Chair;
    Executive Director, Veterans Empowerment Organization;
    Vice President, UPS (ret)