Thank you for joining us on May 20, 2020.

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and more people are facing higher levels of stress in their daily lives during these unprecedented times. It is imperative that we tend to our mental well-being and are intentional about practicing self-care.

Our discussion featured Kendra L. Stewart, a trauma-informed therapist, who provided tools to manage stress as we navigate through our new normal, and founder of iwi fresh Spa and Skincare Chef Yolanda Owens who spoke about the importance of self-care.

United Way of Greater Atlanta also gave an overview of the mental health resources we provide in communities of low child well-being.

Guest Speakers
  • Kendra L. Steward
    Kendra L. Steward

    Licensed Therapist

  • Yolanda Owens
    Yolanda Owens

    Owner, iwi fresh Spa and iwi Farm Oasis