Funding FAQ

2018-2019 Child Well-Being Community Investment Process

What are the minimum requirements that I need to have in order to apply for funding?
At a minimum, organizations must meet all of the following criteria to apply for and receiving funding through the Child Well-Being Impact Fund – Community Investment Process:

  • Be recognized as an organization exempt from federal income tax under I.R.S Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code 1986.
  • Be primarily involved in providing program(s) and services that address human-service related and directly serve the UWGA 13-county service area residents. The agency must maintain a local office with regular office hours and telephone availability.
  • Maintain a current registration with the Georgia Secretary of State office. Have an independent governing body consisting of at least nine voting members who are resident volunteers. This governing body has the authority to decide policy and strategic direction with respect to the agency’s programs, administration and finances, in accordance with the organization’s By-Laws, and who shall meet at least four times per year. Paid staff must not be a voting member of the Board.
  • Maintain a non-discrimination policy or plan that does not discriminate on the basis of race, cultural heritage, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or status as a qualified disabled or handicapped individual.
  • Have an annual audit (if applicable) performed by a certified public accountant that is licensed and in good standing with the State of Georgia.

At a minimum, programs must meet the following criteria to apply and receive funding through the Child Well-Being Impact Fund Grant Process:

  • Have and provide United Way  with three years of documented outcome & financial data
  • Must have the ability to demonstrate the funding expectations and requirements for the Child Well-Being strategy under which the request is made (See Funding Guidance Document)

I’ve received United Way funding in the past. Can I apply in the 2018-19 Investment Process?
For the 2018-19 Investment Process, all programs that did not receive funding for July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 are eligible.

If I applied in the past but did not receive a grant award, can I apply again in the same program for the 2018-19 Investment Process? New applicants must submit a Letter of Intent in one of the Child Well-Being strategies. The strategies listed below align to the Child Well-Being Index.

Quality Early Learning Experiences
Quality Enrichment and Academic Support
Family and Community Leadership

Family – Health
Behavioral Health and Wellness
Family Health and Wellness
Health Promotion and Early Detection
Health Care Navigation

Family – Income & Housing
Transitional and Assessment Housing
Financial Coaching
Employment Based Experiences
Supportive Housing

Can I apply if this would be my first time applying for a United Way grant?

If I am an organization in another county outside the 13-county region that United Way serves, but do programming within the 13-county region, can I still apply for a Community Impact Fund grant?
Applicants must be able to demonstrate they have a minimum of a three year history working in the United Way 13-county service area.

Do I have to submit a Letter of Intent if I am a currently funded United Way Program?
You do not have to submit a Letter of Intent for programs receiving funding for July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.

Do I have to submit a letter of intent if I applied for funding previously in Investment Process but did not receive a grant award?
Yes. The Letter of Intent is the first phase in the Investment Process.

I have multiple programs; Do I need a separate application for each program?
Can I apply if I am asking for a grant less than $25,000?
Yes, eligible programs may request funding for less than $25,000. The minimum funding request is $5,000.

Can an existing program apply for the expansion of an existing program?
Organizations may apply for funds to expand an existing program if that program is already funded by UWGA.

Can I complete the grant using a printed application?
No, all applications MUST be completed through the United Way ANDAR System. We do not accept applications in paper or electronic form. To create an account in ANDAR complete the Account Form, with agencies (programs) in the future that are making the necessary changes to build a stronger community.

Does my organization need to provide audited financial statements annually?
For eligible organizations, financial requirements are based on the agency’s revenue size.

Does my organization need to provide a copy of our IRS Form 990?
Yes, for eligible organizations we do require the most recent Form 990.

When will the organizations be notified about funding?
For the Letter of Intent phase of the process applicants will be notified on January 31, 2018.

All programs that participate in the Grant Application phase will be notified in June 2018 regarding the status of their funding request. For a timeline, please visit our website at

What should I do if I have any questions regarding the grant application or the Investment Process?
Please email
When submitting questions please indicate the category in the SUBJECT line of your email; the categories are as follows:

  • General
  • Financial
  • Child
  • Family – Income & Housing
  • Family – Health
  • Community
  • Basic Needs
  • Online application