United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Gifts In Kind (GIK) is a service that takes donations of new products from businesses and re-distributes them to nonprofits in United Way’s 13-county footprint that need these goods to help the people they serve.

Last year, GIK collected and distributed close to $11 million in goods to support local nonprofits.

GIK operates from a warehouse on Atlanta’s Westside BeltLine.

GIK sends their staff and truck to pick up donations from businesses who welcome this turn-key way to offload unwanted inventory and get a tax-deduction, while providing valuable support to local nonprofits and people in need in the community.

Donations are stored in the GIK warehouse until they are sent to local nonprofits, for whom GIK is a valuable resource for acquiring goods that are critical to their work, without having to use dollars that are needed to help the populations they serve. Some deliveries are “five-hug” deliveries.


2018 Highlights

  • A new program called SWAG SWEEP where GIK collected unused corporate swag and donated it to:
    • Police Foundation and other youth summer program prizes & awards
    • Homeless children’s sleep-away camps
  • Collection and donation of bags to school pantries to send food home on weekends and of materials for STEAM program support
  • Monthly deliveries of housewares & supplies to veterans moving into stable housing, working with the Regional Commission on Homelessness and the Veterans’ Empowerment Organization.


Benefits to Nonprofit Members…

  • Reduces the need to solicit donations for basic operating supplies, equipment and furnishings to carry out their mission in Metro Atlanta.
  • Organization is able to focus more of their financial resources on expanding their impact on the community.


Benefits to Giving Partners…

  • A simple, logistical solution for overages and discontinued merchandise.
  • Receive tax receipt for full retail value in today’s market.
  • Enhance community impact by providing goods to the 600+ agencies served by GIK
    • GIK’s wonderful location on the Westside BeltLine and its extensive space makes it an ideal location for volunteer events.
    • Many companies donating goods to GIK have organized events at the warehouse to celebrate the company’s contributions to nonprofits doing great work in our community.


If you would like to connect us to your warehouse manager or someone in your company who oversees inventory of unused goods, please contact Ann Daane at United Way.