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A United Way donation stays right here in your community.

In the Greater Atlanta area, United Way supports more than 220 nonprofits and programs that aid children, families, and communities, because we believe there is an equitable future for all in our Greater Atlanta neighborhoods.

There are barriers that our communities must overcome. When we take them on together and #uniteformore, we can make a significant difference.

Now through December 31, Delta Air Lines will match all donations, up to $100,000 made to United Way of Greater Atlanta's Child Well-Being Mission fund.

Maria's Story

Through United Way’s Strong Learners initiative, parents, like Maria, can learn about child development and the importance of building social connections. Our donations fund the Fostering Family Leaders program in locations throughout our region. At Los Niños Primero, a community daycare in Sandy Springs, Maria completed a 10 week course and went on to take on responsibilities as a “parent coach” in Los Niños Primeros’ Civic Engagement Program. Maria has taken what she’s learned to train other parents to be active leaders in her community. 

ISSUE: Only 1/3 of the children in Greater Atlanta are having their early childhood care needs met. Your donation gives children the tools they need from the start and set them up for a successful future.

Dakarai's Story

Dakarai was two credits away from graduating early from Tri-Cities High School in East Point. But he didn’t know how to apply for financial aid and wasn’t sure he was eligible for any money. Through United Way’s College and Career Ready work, we partner with schools, nonprofits, and volunteers to host events that help students and their families make sense of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) and apply for college funding.

ISSUE: In many Greater Atlanta communities, about 37 percent of high school students have the financial means and pre-requisites to enter college and graduate-that’s compared to more than 70 percent in communities with high child well-being. Your donation helps youth succeed in high school and beyond.

Miquael's Story

Miquael and his children needed help after losing their home, car, job, and childcare. Kids Home Initiative helped Miquael find his footing when they connected him to partner organizations that helped them receive housing services. When the opportunity came for Miquael to start training through the United Way IT Initiative, he was able to jump on it without fear of what it might mean for his family. With stable housing, Miquael’s children were provided the foundation to have a secure and successful future.

ISSUE: Children who grow up in poverty have a 4 percent chance of moving into the middle class. Your donation creates opportunities in our most challenged communites .

Lauren's Story

Lauren, a substitute teacher found herself without a job during the pandemic. After filing for unemployment benefits, and realizing she had rent due, she made a call to United Way’s 211 resource hotline. Just one call resulted in $800 of financial assistance, and an appointment with a financial assistance agency. Lauren was then able to get back on her feet until her job resumed.

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ISSUE: In some Greater Atlanta communities, more than 50% of families wouldn’t be able to cover a $400 emergency. Your donation supports our 211 Resource Center, which connects individuals to resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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