When you give to United Way, you have choices.

The United Way Impact Fund is dedicated to ensuring lasting, collaborative solutions to the critical problems that stand between us and a better quality of life. Impact Fund dollars are invested where you live and work — in the 13 counties of Greater Atlanta — in programs in Education, Income, Health and Homelessness. Our Impact Fund puts money to work where it can do the most good.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Where do Impact Fund dollars go?

United Way invests its Impact Fund dollars in assembling teams of dozens of nonprofits to work on collaborative solutions that lead to positive and sustainable outcomes for the community, like self-sufficiency and access to healthcare for all individuals and families, and academic achievement for all children.

Why should I give to the Impact Fund?

Giving to the United Way Impact Fund allows you to have the biggest impact on our community. Thanks to nearly 50,000 volunteer hours, partnerships with local and state governments, and private philanthropy, the impact of programs supported through the United Way Impact Fund is multiplied many times over.

Who decides how Impact dollars are spent?

Decisions are made through a process directed by United Way and involves subject matter experts as well as trained volunteers. Investments are directed toward programs delivered by partner nonprofits with proven effectiveness in creating measurable and sustainable contributions to the community.