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To date, we've improved the lives of 82,000 children, but we can do More.


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kids become strong readers.

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It Takes a Village

United Way partners with early learning center to help improve well-being.

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families become more financially literate.

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Helping families reach economic stability​

Together, can help families today, tomorrow and in the future achieve economic stability.

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Individuals prepared for future careers

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College and Career Ready

College Bound provides parents, students with all information a graduating senior needs

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What Your Money Does

Every child whose life we change will go on to change the lives of countless other children, families and communities. And when we work together — pooling our resources, time and energy —  our community impact grows exponentially to create an equitable future for all. Let's do MORE, together.

  • 4 jobs for young adults
  • 200 hours of specialized job training that helps a dad earn a certificate and qualify for higher paying jobs
  • 2 paid internships for youth, exposing them to STEM careers
  • 65 families can receive financial coaching
  • 10+ hours a month of virtual mentoring and academic support for one youth throughout the school year
  • Mental, physical and dental screenings for 10 women fleeing  domestic violence
  • 50 preschoolers receive books
  • 30 days of rent or utility payments for a single mother who has lost her job to help her family avoid eviction
  • College test prep for three young people to take the SAT or ACT
  • 25 meals for families
  • STEM career fair for 1 middle school
  • 6 weeks of counseling for someone who has experienced chronic homelessness

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Affinity Groups

When you donate to United Way of Greater Atlanta, you join communities of like-minded individuals to drive sustainable improvements in the well-being of children, families and individuals across Greater Atlanta.

Exclusive to those 40 and younger who donate $500 or more annually.

Open to individuals or couples who donate a $1,000 or more annually.

Exclusive to women donating $1,000 or more annually.

Open to African-Americans and others who support AAP’s mission and donate $1,000 or more annually.

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