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#WhyWednesday: Eve Powell

05-23-2018 · Cole Society · Cole Women United · Legacy Leaders

#WhyWednesday: Eve Powell

Share Your Why: Eve Powell

Today, hear from United Way of Greater Atlanta’s very own Eve Powell, Executive Director of Planned Giving! From the example set by her parents, Eve learned at a young age the importance of community service and collective impact.

What’s your “why” – the reason you give, advocate and volunteer? Whether your commitment to community began early or was sparked by a recent experience, United Way of Greater Atlanta wants to hear your perspective. Share Your Why and inspire community champions just like you!


#WhyWednesday: Christina Brunson

04-11-2018 · Cole Women United · Volunteer Involvement Program

#WhyWednesday: Christina Brunson

Share Your Why: Christina Brunson

Christina Brunson’s “why” started 2 years ago, at the Leading a Life of Purpose event hosted by United Way of Greater Atlanta’s women’s leadership groups. At that event, Christina saw firsthand the passion, purpose and leadership of Dr. Johnetta B. Cole and other United Way women, including the Tocqueville member who had invited her. That example ignited Christina’s own drive to give back. Today she says, “Once you know more, you should do more.”

Since the Leading a Life of Purpose event 2 years ago, Christina has graduated from the United Way of Greater Atlanta Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP), a board training program, and has become a Women of Cole cabinet member.

What ignites your passion to give, advocate and volunteer? United Way of Greater Atlanta wants to hear from child well-being champions from across our 13 counties. Share your story – and help to spread the movement!

#WhyWednesday: Beth Keller

01-31-2018 · Cole Women United

#WhyWednesday: Beth Keller

Share Your Why: Beth Keller

As an employee at Habitat for Humanity and a member of our Women of Cole, Beth Keller is committed to community service in both her personal and professional life. United Way of Greater Atlanta Women of Cole was named after Johnetta B. Cole, the first African-American female president of Spelman College, and honors Cole’s legacy by mobilizing women of diverse backgrounds to make an impact through leadership, philanthropy and service.

Today, Beth Keller shares the philosophy behind her philanthropy and why she chooses to invest in her community with United Way.

What’s the “why” behind your commitment to community service? Share Your Why with United Way of Greater Atlanta and inspire other volunteers, advocates and donors.