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Youth United: Bianca Banks

04-08-2018 · Youth United

Youth United: Bianca Banks

  "As the Secretary of the Youth United leadership board, I’m able to educate my community and peers on issues through volunteering and community projects. I’ve learned how to efficiently plan service projects, secure in-kind donations and manage volunteers. I especially enjoy…

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#WhyWednesday: Jada Milligan

03-28-2018 · Youth United

#WhyWednesday: Jada Milligan

Share Your Why: Jada Milligan

Jada Milligan, senior at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School, has big plans for a career of community service – and Youth United is helping her get there. As a Youth United of Atlanta board member, she takes a leadership role in planning and participating in volunteer projects, and encourages fellow high school students to do the same.

Why do you give back? Whether you’re just getting started in your journey of community service or are a longtime United Way donor, advocate and volunteer, we want to hear what drives you to be a champion for progress in Greater Atlanta. Share Your Why with United Way of Greater Atlanta!

#WhyWednesday: Claire Chen

03-07-2018 · Youth United

#WhyWednesday: Claire Chen

Share Your Why: Claire Chen

Why does River Ridge High School senior Claire Chen give back to Greater Atlanta as a Youth United board member? Because she knows that when we all work together, we have the power to create positive change and make a meaningful impact on the issues that matter most to our communities.

Today, hear Claire share her why:

To read more about Claire, check out her blog post!

What’s your why – the reason you give back to Greater Atlanta? Everyone has a story to share, and United Way of Greater Atlanta wants to hear yours. Help to inspire others to give, advocate and volunteer: Share Your Why with us!


#WhyWednesday: Jabari Baker

02-07-2018 · Youth United

#WhyWednesday: Jabari Baker

Share Your Why: Jabari Baker

Youth helping youth! Jabari Baker, Youth United board member and senior at Carver Early College, joined Youth United of Atlanta because he wants to help less fortunate teenagers have a better future.

As a Youth United board member, Jabari helps lead a group of high school students from across Greater Atlanta as they put their passion for community to work through volunteer projects and leadership development opportunities. Know a high school student who might be interested? Learn more about Youth United of Atlanta.

Ready to share your story? Whether you’re a longtime community champion or are just getting started, United Way of Greater Atlanta wants to hear the why behind your passion for giving back. Share your why and inspire others just like you!

#WhyWednesday: Ryan Heidish

01-17-2018 · Youth United

#WhyWednesday: Ryan Heidish

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For Ryan Heidish, Youth United board member and Alpharetta High School senior, community service is a way to make sure that everyone in Greater Atlanta has the opportunity to thrive.

In December, he shared the following on our blog: “Growing up, I have always felt fortunate to have a safe neighborhood, access to education, and enough food and water to support my needs. Having said that, I feel like it is only right to give back to the people who may not be as lucky as I am. In my opinion, everyone deserves an equal opportunity to be successful. By giving back, we can help to make that a reality; the problem that our society faces is a lack of people who realize this.”

Below, hear why he believes it’s so important to get involved in community service – especially for youth.

Opportunity. Equity. Well-being. Financial stability. Community connection. What’s your “why”? We want to know what drives you to give, advocate and volunteer for Greater Atlanta. Share Your Why with United Way!