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Join us for Creating Purpose

Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and employee engagement efforts can often grow out of touch. On Sept. 17, learn from a panel of Atlanta professionals about how their philanthropy efforts have adapted to fit the mold of the rapidly changing workplace.


We’re building Philanthropy Cloud to power all of your company’s social impact initiatives, from employee giving to grants management.

Increase Participation Philanthropy Cloud helps employees uncover and connect to causes and volunteer opportunities to care about.

Increase Engagement Philanthropy Cloud provides a single source for supporting a company’s philanthropy and CSR strategy while providing personalized content to engage employees.

Propel Your Brand Philanthropy Cloud allows your company to clearly measure and promote your corporate philanthropic efforts to help elevate your brand.

Decrease Staff Time

Consolidated programs, real time reporting and gift processing support will reduce staff time focused on administration.

Philanthropy is Here. Philanthropy Cloud powers all of your company’s social impact initiatives, from employee giving to grants management.


“Philanthropy Cloud will enable employees and companies to tailor, track and grow their community involvement, making it a one-stop shop for philanthropic engagement that will meet employees’ needs, raise company profiles and build a better society for every person in every community.”

- Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way Worldwide

“We are excited to adopt this platform, partner with United Way in this new way and drive a new way of giving and volunteerism in the community.”

- Carley Stephens, Community Affairs Program Manager, Gas South

“Philanthropy Cloud gives companies an advantage in the talent war, allowing our region’s growing workforce to engage with social issues 24/7 and drive impact more strategically than ever before.”

- Milton J. Little, President and CEO, United Way of Greater Atlanta


Fuel Your Employees' Passion

Today’s employees are socially conscious and more engaged in issues impacting their community. That’s why and United Way are launching Philanthropy Cloud, a next-generation philanthropy platform. We aim to connect every employee to the causes they care about and leverage their individual passions to make a difference.

Find out how your team can give back.

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