Centering Pregnancy is an evidence-based, patient-centered model of group prenatal care. It works to bring patients out of the exam room and into a group setting, helping to build their community of support.

The Issue

In Greater Atlanta, approximately 9.5% of babies are born with low birth weight. Babies born with low birth weight are more likely to suffer from severe developmental delays that are likely to carry forward through adolescence and adulthood.

United Way's Role

United Way leads the effort for Centering Pregnancy by investing in clinical practice, implementing those successful care models, providing strategic direction, while working alongside its partners to increase program access in Georgia.

The Results

In 2016, Centering Pregnancy provided support to over 700 expectant mothers in the Greater Atlanta area. Patients received 10 times more time with their providers and were connected to patient-centered group care to promote patient engagement.

A Doctor’s View of Centering Pregnancy

Each day, I see women come into my office for their appointments. I wonder about the life they have when…