Choose HEALTH pairs vulnerable patients with community health workers, helping to improve the patient’s well-being and prevent avoidable and expensive emergency hospital visits.

The Issue

In Metro Atlanta, there are more than 1 million emergency department (ED) visits by patients per year including a disproportionate number of uninsured and underinsured adults utilizing the ED for preventable conditions. The state of Georgia currently ranks 45th for healthcare access and 47th in number of individuals that lack health insurance. Additionally, Georgia ranks 47th in low infant mortality.

United Way's Role

United Way helps bridge the gap between community-based healthcare providers and larger health systems to improve the health of vulnerable patients and prevent avoidable hospital visits.

The Results

Since 2013, Choose HEALTH has worked with more than 1,500 patients across partner sites. In 2017, participants saw an 89.5 percent reduction in emergency department usage and 86.6 percent of patients were linked to medical home.