The HomeFirst Gwinnett Initiative is a collaborative partnership formed between the United Way of Greater Atlanta, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners and The Primerica Foundation, seeking to develop a strategic, coordinated approach to addressing homelessness in Gwinnett County by better connecting services for those who need them most.

The Issue

In 2018, leaders in Gwinnett County identified homelessness as one of the top issues facing its community and committed itself to addressing it. Recent reports have shown that Gwinnett has one of the largest homeless populations in the State of Georgia, and with no operating homeless facilities, the situation required immediate attention.

United Way's Role

Building on the support from its founding partners, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners and The Primerica Foundation, more than 40 additional community partners have joined the HomeFirst Gwinnett initiative in working to develop a more effective and efficient system for helping those in need of housing assistance.

The Actions

The HomeFirst Gwinnett Initiative will seek to accomplish the following five action items: Drafting of Homeless and Affordable Housing Strategic Plan; Implementation of the Gwinnett County Coordinated Entry System; Establish Homeless Assessment Centers; Identification and Development of Affordable Housing Options; and Administer Gwinnett’s Homeless Point-in-Time Count.