Hospital-to-Home identifies individuals using emergency medical services who may also be in need of housing support. It then helps those people achieve long-term housing and medical stability.

The Issue

Individuals experiencing homelessness often utilize emergency departments and services as their primary means to access healthcare, which is ineffective for long-term healthcare management and is fiscally inefficient.

United Way's Role

United Way works with a number of partners to assist in increasing housing and health stability in an effort to reduce the over-utilization of emergency services and to achieve long-term housing and medical stability.

The Results

Hospital-to-Home permanently housed over 350 individuals last year. After approximately 6 months in the program, a study of participants showed an 82 percent reduction in emergency visits, resulting in a potential cost savings of over 2.5 million dollars.

From Hospital to Home: Taras’ Story

Taras Welch is a 35-year-old Atlanta native who can truly say the last three years have made lifelong changes on…