Making Our Moms Successful (M.O.M.S.) works to improve the birth outcomes of women by making perinatal health and safety resources available to mothers from the comfort of their homes.

The Issue

Good parenting skills, a safe and healthy living environment, and early detection are important building blocks for a child’s life, yet many young mothers and those with limited incomes are lacking the necessary resources to ensure positive birth outcomes for their children.

United Way's Role

United Way helps provide an integrated, seamless system of care for moms and their families through social supports, housing stabilization, health insurance coverage, a medical (and dental) home, developmental screenings and immunizations.

The Results

In 2016, 82 women and babies were enrolled in the M.O.M.S. program. 100 percent of the babies were born at a healthy weight while 98 percent achieved developmental milestones and 87 percent were immunized against childhood disease.

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