Tech Up is an initiative created to help Greater Atlanta families in need by closing their digital literacy gap. This is done by providing personal computers, basic computer training, and one year of internet service.

The Issue

Families and students living in underprivileged communities in the Greater Atlanta area do not have immediate access to the technology that is needed to thrive in society. The individuals experiencing this digital divide lack access to necessary things such as finding a job, college applications, email, news sources and more.

United Way's Role

In partnership with United Way’s Young Professional Leaders, volunteers attend the tech up module on the 1st Saturday of each month to assist families one-on-one with the training module and provide whichever basic computer and internet skills the individual families may need.

The Results

Families who did not have immediate access before are now connected to the internet and have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of using a computer. These families have an opportunity to attend this program monthly to sharpen skills needed to effectively job search, complete homework, apply for college, and join the world via social media.