Donate Stock

Making a Gift of Securities

Make a long-term impact by donating appreciated stocks and securities to support our mission. You can take a deduction for the fair market value of the stock (as opposed to your purchase price) if you have held the stock for a year and never recognized the gain on the stock. You also avoid capital gains taxes on donating appreciated stock (as you would incur if you sold it outright). It costs you less to give stock and this allows you to maximize your gift.


Step 1

Please send written instructions (or completed broker transfer form) to your broker specifying that you wish to make a charitable contribution to United Way of Greater Atlanta. At a minimum, please include the four items in your transfer instruction document: 

  1. The issuer of the securities (type of stock) and/or ticker symbol 
  2. The number of shares (or the minimum gift value)
  3. Ensure your broker provides your name with transfer details so we can properly attribute your commitment. They will not release your name with your consent.
  4. Instruct them to transfer to United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Charles Schwab account.

Broker Firm: Charles Schwab
Account # AM-8991-5184
DTC # 0164 code 40
Broker: Mr. Dan White
Phone: 404.724.2469
Fax: 404.724.2460
Address: 400 Colony Square, Atlanta, GA 30361

Step 2

Your broker should transfer securities to the United Way of Greater Atlanta via the broker account listed below. The Charles Schwab account is typically less expensive, and there is an advisor available if you need assistance. If you would prefer to transfer to the broker account at SunTrust, Wells Fargo, or Merrill Lynch, please contact

Step 3

Notify United Way of Greater Atlanta so we can expect the transfer of securities and provide the proper tax documents to you. The broker will not automatically notify United Way, so please don’t omit this step when the transfer is initiated or completed. A fax or email copy of the transfer instructions from step #1 above will suffice.

United Way of Greater Atlanta
Louise Davenport
40 Courtland Street, Ste 300
Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404.527.7262