Joshua is a middle-school student in Atlanta.  

An after-school program at the Welcome All Recreation Center, which is hosted by Atlanta CARES, helped Joshua develop stronger reading, writing and comprehension skills, Executive Director of Atlanta CARES Brenda Coleman says.  

“Joshua has shown great enthusiasm about reading… sports-related books,” Coleman says. “While perusing all of the books available for him to read, he said, ‘I can’t believe we have all these books about our people. It’s so hard to choose one.”  

AAP Build-A-Library participantUnited Way of Greater Atlanta’s African-American Partnership helped open up a world of books for Joshua. It gave him a chance to see the contributions others like him have given their community. It’s a moment like this that makes your donation of time and money worth it.  

Atlanta CARES partnered with the Welcome All Recreation Center to bring in a literacy program using books provided through AAP’s “Powering the Potential” grant 

AAP is a United Way of Greater Atlanta affinity group, and they help provide books and other learning materials for Atlanta CARES and other locations across Greater Atlanta  

AAP launched June 2000 under the African American Initiative moniker by Conchita Robinson and Charles Stephens with the purpose of increasing financial participation and volunteers from our community — there was also this real desire to make United Way’s donor base more reflective of the demographics in Atlanta where they serve. 

AAP is open to donors with shared affinities for philanthropy, leadership and service, and members of AAP donate $1,000 a year or more to United Way of Greater Atlanta.  

Your funds go directly back into this community and power potential in young black men across Greater Atlanta. 

Coleman says Joshua loves his “literacy parties” with his friends where he can eat pizza and talk about books he’s read. 

“The Powering the Potential program is beneficial to Joshua and the other students because it provides a platform for them to improve their word attack skills, comprehension skills, writing skills and speaking skills,” Coleman says. “Most importantly, it has enhanced their joy of reading.” 

To help other young men in Atlanta enhance their joy of reading, join the African-American Partnership today. Email to learn more.