Child sex trafficking is happening in Georgia.
You have a chance to make a difference.

Did you know that cases of domestic minor sex trafficking have been reported in over 100 of Georgia’s counties? In our state, the average age of child victims is 12 – 14 years old. These statistics are heartbreaking, but there is hope for Georgia’s most vulnerable children.

This election season, we all have the opportunity to stand up for child victims of sex trafficking. On November 8, Georgia voters will be asked to approve Amendment 2, creating the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund. This new, dedicated source of funding will ensure that innocent victims receive the restorative services they need to resume a normal life — services like trauma counseling, medical treatment and safe housing.

As Alex Trouteaud, Executive Director of youthSpark, recently wrote in his column for the Saporta Report, “Few situations are as heartbreaking as denying services to a sexually trafficked child because the funding just isn’t there. Our youth deserve better.”

By voting yes for Amendment 2, we can make sure that the funding is there and that child victims across Georgia are given the care and services they need. Along with our statewide partners, United Way of Greater Atlanta is leading the Safe Harbor Yes coalition in support of Amendment 2.


To pass Amendment 2, we need your help. How can you support the Safe Harbor Yes campaign?

  • Share the video to spread the word
  • Snap a photo of yourself holding up two fingers to show your support for Amendment 2, then post it on social media and tag two friends to do the same
  • Remind your network to #VoteYesFor2!There are only two weeks left until Election Day, and early voting locations are open across Georgia through November 4th. Whether you vote early or on Election Day, remember to vote yes on Amendment 2. Learn more at