Your innovative idea can spark a change!

Do you have a great idea to address homelessness and improve child well-being in your local community? In partnership, United Way of Greater Atlanta, Kennesaw State University, Cobb Community Foundation and Cobb Collaborative will award small grants to fund collaborative and innovative projects that address homelessness and improve child well-being in Cobb County. Prizes will be awarded at the event on November 3, 2020

SPARK Prize is a “Shark Tank” style competition that awards grants to fund projects addressing Greater Atlanta’s greatest social challenges throughout the 13-county region. Through the SPARK Prize competition, United Way incentivizes cooperation and social advancements among nonprofits, community and business groups.

The deadline to submit your idea for the Northwest Region SPARK Prize competition is Friday, August 21, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

To enter the 2020 SPARK Prize competition or find additional information, follow the links below:
Northwest Region SPARK Prize

This event will allow out-of-the-box thinkers to present their innovative idea to address the needs of children and families in their own communities.

Kids Home Initiative: Kelleyina’s Story

The Achievement Club program provides incentive payments to help people achieve their goals. During this process, families and neighbors will develop a valuable skill set for setting and achieving daily goals.

Here is a two-generational success story from Kelleyina in Cobb County:

Kelleyina and her children were all members of our Achievement Club at Yells, Inc. Kelleyina invested her first incentive payment and opened a business bank account. She appreciated the opportunity to earn extra money to help build her family’s future.

Kelleyina was named Club ‘Valedictorian’ because of her goal completion. She finished a total of 4 goals with focus and diligence. She is now in our Alumni Achievement Club, and another one of her daughters has joined our new club.

Way to Go, Kelleyina!


Kids Home Initiative is a comprehensive solution between the United Way, the Siemer Family Foundation, the school system, homeless service providers and other non-profit organizations to help children avoid or escape homelessness by assisting children and families who are at risk of becoming homeless regain secure and successful futures.

United Way’s Achievement Club program is a part of Kids Home Initiative. Within the intensive 6 months of the Achievement Club program, families are rewarded for making steps toward achieving a goal.