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Create long-lasting positive change in our community while benefiting the future of your business.

United Way of Greater Atlanta is uniquely positioned to handle and streamline philanthropy for small businesses. This year, we are proud to announce a new initiative to make corporate social responsibility easier and more rewarding for the business community in Atlanta. ​

Small Business United is a platform for like-minded businesses.
  • Brings together businesses to make meaningful and lasting change in the community. ​
  • The ability to connect small businesses from across 13 counties. ​
  • Opportunity for small businesses to have access to major corporations through volunteerism and events. ​

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#WhyWednesday: Lee Crump

“I think United Way does so much to make this a better place to live for all of us.”

Lee Crump is the CIO and Group Vice President of Business Support for Rollins, Inc. In addition to being a member of our Tocqueville Society, Lee also serves as the Executive United Way Campaign Representative for Rollins. Today, hear why Lee is involved with United Way of Greater Atlanta.

Last year, Rollins raised over $1.1 million dollars for United Way! Interested in increasing your company’s impact on your community? Learn more about how we can partner with your organization to design a custom corporate social responsibility strategy that reflects your company’s values, and helps you meet your philanthropic goals.

The workplace is changing, and employees look to employers for more than just a paycheck. More and more, research is indicating that employees expect employers to respond to things happening in their community and support causes or issues they care about.

However, sometimes a company’s interests and the passions of an employee don’t necessarily align. In response, businesses seek out ways to engage employees in more impactful work.

That’s why United Way of Greater Atlanta partnered with Alston & Bird to host an informational event about how some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) experts from Greater Atlanta are leading the way in modern philanthropy through their employee-engagement programs.

The event, entitled “Creating Purpose,” drew representation from organizations such as Emory University, Genuine Parts Company, Accenture, Merrill Lynch, NCR and King & Spalding.

Throughout the afternoon, attendees were able to hear from nonprofit leaders like Milton J. Little, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Atlanta, and Megan McCamey, social purpose advisor for Go Beyond Profit, about how the work of the nonprofit world is becoming far more data-driven than it has been in the past.

“Our organization, collaborative by nature and data-driven by necessity, is positioned to effect change in the Atlanta community like never before,” said Little.

United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Child Well-Being Index, which measures the well-being of communities based on a comprehensive set of measures, has helped the organization understand which of their programs are effectively benefitting communities. With this information in mind, they have been better suited to align their community programs with the employee engagement programs of the business community.

And that’s what the panel discussion in the later afternoon revolved around.

Ann Cramer, senior consultant for Coxe, Curry & Associates, took the stage to moderate a conversation between three guest panelists: Carley Stephens, community affairs program manager for Gas South, Lain Shakespeare, senior director of corporate citizenship for Mailchimp, and Yvonne Whitaker, lead of the NCR Foundation.

Over the course of half an hour, the panelists took turns describing their updated employee engagement efforts and the steps that they have taken to ensure that their employees feel they are making an impact both inside and outside of the office.

Stephens, a recent adopter of a new platform, “ Philanthropy Cloud,” then shared the stage with a representative from to talk about how the platform has bolstered her existing philanthropy work.

“Being able to collaborate as extensively as we can with other organizations through Philanthropy Cloud leads me to believe that our impact on the community will be far more pronounced than it has been in the past,” said Stephens.

The platform, born out of a strategic partnership between United Way and, is empowering employees to become citizen philanthropists in their communities. Combining artificial intelligence from with the content expertise of United Way, the platform allows employees to read about and donate to causes they care about, sign up for volunteer events and understand how their contributions are a part of a bigger picture.

While the workforce is changing at a rapid rate, there’s no reason to believe that the CSR efforts of corporations can’t too. And, with any luck, the work of business and philanthropy can continue to align in ways that benefit both corporations and the community.

If your company is seeking out more effective ways to create impact in your community, contact Bill Campbell from United Way of Greater Atlanta at to learn more about the Philanthropy Cloud platform today.