We know that in light of adversity, it can feel difficult or uncomfortable to take action. That is why we are providing three resources that will maximize your savings and support our work during the COVID-19 crisis, so that you can choose what makes the most sense for you.

  1. Give a gift for later (free today!): You can support United Way of Greater Atlanta forever without paying anything today using our free will-writing tool. A legacy can ensure we can improve lives in our community for generations to come. Write your will and include United Way of Greater Atlanta today.
  2. Give from your IRA: If you’re 70.5 or older and have a traditional IRA, you’re eligible to make a tax-free gift known as a QCD, regardless of if you itemize deductions. FreeWill’s new tool makes the process easier than ever to complete. Make a QCD today.
  3. Give a gift of stock: Transferring appreciated stocks allows you to avoid paying capital gains tax, and deduct the full amount of your stock from your tax return. Transferring stock is a powerful gift to provide immediate funds to United Way of Greater Atlanta. Transfer stock now.

Creating a legacy gift, making a QCD, or transferring stock aren’t just ways to save on your taxes — they’re high-impact ways to demonstrate your commitment to the common good. Today, tomorrow and forever.

For those who have already created them, an annual review of your will and estate plans helps protect the people you care about most. Any one of these events could trigger the need to revise your estate plan by adjusting your will, creating an amendment to your trust or reassigning beneficiary(s):

  • A marriage/divorce, a death, or the birth of a child
  • Acquiring property in another state
  • Becoming “empty nesters”
  • Selling your primary residence or business

For those who have not already created one, take advantage of United Way’s partnership with FreeWill (www.FreeWill.com/UnitedWay) to create your will online. Alternatively, schedule time with your attorney to discuss your options. You can help those you love by letting your wishes be known.

Furthermore, be sure to consider: Are the charitable organizations you value included?

You can sustain the impact you currently generate with annual giving through a gift in your will to United Way of Greater Atlanta. For more information on including United Way in your will or your free copy of Leaving Your Legacy: A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust, please contact:

Eve Powell

Go to our website for more details: www.unitedwayatlanta.org/group/legacy-leaders

There’s a new way to make a difference in our community. Even better, it takes less than 25 minutes, and costs you nothing now. We’ve teamed up with FreeWill for a brand new way to make sure everyone in our community is living their best possible lives: Now, it’s easy to make a gift to United Way of Greater Atlanta in your will to help our community thrive for generations to come.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here to start writing your will (or make a new one to up­date yours).
  2. Include a gift to United Way of Greater Atlanta (or any other charity you love!) to make a lasting impact.
  3. Sign your will with two witnesses, or visit a lawyer to finalize your wishes. You’re all set!

Making a will gives you peace of mind today and leaves a legacy that supports the people and causes most important to you. Many people who (like you!) care deeply about enriching our community have taken this step already — join them in supporting our com­munity’s needs for future generations!

Click here to get started giving in a new way with a big impact. It’s 100% free to you, and takes less than 25 minutes.

Thank you so much for your support, now and in the future, that makes an extraordinary difference for our community.

Please contact Eve Powell at epowell@unitedwayatlanta.org or 404-527-7215, for any questions regarding your will or estate plans.

Everyone needs to have a plan. 

Now is the time to put your new year’s resolutions into action. Make or review your will and plans. Maybe your family has experienced a life changing event that will impact your plans, such as a birth, a death, a divorce, retirement or business changes. These changes all need to be considered as decisions are made. Let United Way of Greater Atlanta help.

You can also help our Greater Atlanta community and sustain your impact by including a gift in your will to United Way. This allows you to further our mission without drawing on your current resources. Making or updating your will and including a gift to United Way of Greater Atlanta is easier than you might imagine. It can be as simple as including a sentence in your will or living trust naming United Way with an amount or percentage. You might also schedule time with an estate planning attorney or use FreeWill.  

We’ve partnered with FreeWill to give you a free, intuitive way to write your will today. Click here to start writing your will at no cost to you. This tool is free to you — whether you choose to include a gift to United Way of Greater Atlanta or not — and can be used to create your full legal will, for free, or begin your plans before seeing an attorney. Remember, a will is not for us but for the ones we love.

For more information on including United Way in your will, request your free copy of Leaving Your Legacy: A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust. Please contact: Eve Powell at 404-527-7215 or epowell@unitedwayatlanta.org.

You can also go to our website for more details: www.unitedwayatlanta.org/group/legacy-leaders.