Working with United Way of Greater Atlanta, Gas South’s launch of the Philanthropy Cloud has contributed significantly toward major business objectives, spanning Corporate Social Responsibility, HR, and marketing goals. Gas South partnered with United Way of Greater Atlanta to deploy Philanthropy Cloud to manage its employee giving. And in just seven months, the company has experienced a 43% increase in employee participation, an 18% increase in employee giving, and a 5% improvement in workplace perception. This has allowed the company to increase its community engagement and boost employee morale.

“Gas South has been a pioneer in its adoption and embrace of Philanthropy Cloud,” said Nasi Jazayeri, Chief Technology & Product Officer at “We look forward to seeing more community impact from Gas South with the help of this platform.” Philanthropy Cloud is a first-of-its-kind impact solution that empowers corporations to put their values into action. It connects employees to causes in an easy-to-use and centralized way through giving, matching, and volunteering tools. Philanthropy Cloud helps companies attract and retain talent, improve brand reputation, and positively contribute to their communities.

“Philanthropy Cloud allows our company to effectively communicate our own corporate social responsibility strategy and foster collaboration among our employees,” said Gas South Community Affairs Programing Manager Carley Stephens. “Gas South is invested and committed to improving the community we serve. Thanks to Philanthropy Cloud, we can now accelerate our philanthropic impact and meet our community needs through improved impact measurements and conversations with community partners and other corporations.”

Gas South has partnered with United Way of Greater Atlanta to run campaigns and implement year-round giving, providing its employees a way to give to any cause they choose. Gas South has also embraced the platform’s volunteering capability as an early adopter. The company is deeply vested in helping children in the Atlanta community improve their math and reading skills and climb out of poverty. For the past 11 years, Gas South has been working with its local schools and community centers to find ways to address the basic and educational needs of the area’s children. To date, Gas South has raised more than $5M, and helped more than 24,000 students improve their literacy skills.

We’re proud to partner with and Gas South to bring Philanthropy Cloud to the Greater Atlanta market,” says United Way of Greater Atlanta President and CEO Milton J. Little, Jr. “Philanthropy Cloud gives companies an advantage in the talent war, allowing our region’s growing workforce to engage with social issues 24/7 and drive impact more strategically than ever before. Gas South and its employees are exceeding their philanthropic goals through this year-round strategic partnership, with an incredible digital engagement experience.”

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