United Way of Greater Atlanta Staff Spotlight
Rorie Scurlock
Senior Director, Homelessness

What is a Senior Director, Homelessness and how do you impact the mission of United Way of Greater Atlanta?
I oversee the day to day operations of our Homelessness and Basic Needs team, ensuring our team has everything that is needed to be quick, efficient and accurate in our efforts to end homelessness not manage it. Our aim is to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring. Once their housing crisis is resolved our goal is to ensure individuals and families are working towards their next steps, goals and food security.

How long have you been with United Way and how have you seen the organization change?
I have been with United Way for over eight years and the work has shifted steadily to a more integrated approach. It began with the effort to overlay focus areas on particular projects and now we have the measured approach with data to track community progress through Child Well-Being.

How does United Way of Greater Atlanta’s work on the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund relate to our Child Well-Being Movement?
The most vulnerable and at-risk communities are being affected by COVID-19 and this is a direct overlap with the Red and Orange zip codes. These communities have extremely resilient and entrepreneurial spirits that are creatively addressing the barriers in their neighborhoods. The sudden and unexpected jolt caused by COVID-19 is affecting all communities, small business and economic – layered with their risk factors and exposure to COVID-19 there is great concern about the health of the residents in these zip codes.

What is your go to method of self-care during the quarantine?
My go to method to take care of myself and family during quarantine is to get as much outside time as possible, gardening, yard work, walks and doing house projects, cleaning and learning to sew. My son also makes me play Monster Jam on a daily basis, which I suppose is his self-care method.