#WhyWednesday: Paul Jennings

For Paul Jennings, his why has everything to do with family. Today, hear why Paul’s parents inspired him to work for United Way of Greater Atlanta as our content writer and event script writer.

Individuals and families should never be homeless. We’re making sure people are given the tools and resources they need to pull themselves out of homelessness and onto a path of self-sufficiency. Learn more about our work in homelessness.

#WhyWednesday: Juliet Udeochu

Juliet Udeochu is the Volunteer Recruitment Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta and serves on our Young Professional Leaders (YPL) board. She believes the children of Greater Atlanta are our future. Today, hear why she is passionate about ensuring the children are well in our region.

United Way, along with dozens of partners, has developed a set of measures that the community can use to assess how its children, the families that support them and the community that surrounds them, are doing. This enables us to track our progress and determine what levers are the most effective in ensuring “all the children are well.” See how the children are doing in your community here.

#WhyWednesday: Dr. Tameeka Law Walker

Meet Dr. Tameeka Law Walker of Georgia Perinatal Consultants. Why does she invest in Greater Atlanta’s future as a member of our Tocqueville Society and African-American Partnership? For Dr. Law Walker, it’s personal.

Today, hear Dr. Law Walker share the why behind her commitment to her community.

Why child well-being? When children thrive, communities thrive. Across Greater Atlanta, volunteers, donors and community advocates are rallying around the Child Well-Being Movement – so that our region can be a place where every child, regardless of zip code, can reach their full potential. Right now, nearly half a million children in Greater Atlanta live in areas with low or very low child well-being scores. But together, we can change that! Learn how you can get involved.

#WhyWednesday: Stayce Michelle

Meet Stacye Michelle – Cole Women United member, Delta employee and tireless advocate for our communities! Today, she shares how her involvement with United Way began.

Are you ready to make giving a lifestyle? Everyone has a role in United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Child Well-Being Movement. To change the lives of 250,000 children by 2027, we need volunteers, advocates and donors just like you! Learn more about ways to get involved.

#WhyWednesday: Nicole Love Hendrickson

“I want to be that person that gives back what was given to me.”

Nicole Love Hendrickson is the community outreach program director of Gwinnett County Government and a member of our Gwinnett County advisory board. During this season of giving, hear why Nicole chooses to give back to Greater Atlanta.

When you give to United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Child Well-Being Impact Fund, you get to have the biggest impact on communities. Covering multiple areas to help advance child well-being across Greater Atlanta, this fund is dedicated to ensuring lasting, collaborative solutions to the critical problems standing between a better quality of life for children and families. Learn more here.

#WhyWednesday: Chad Dillard

For our 150th #WhyWednesday, we’re excited to introduce you to Chad Dillard, United Way of Greater Atlanta’s new Chief Development Officer! As CDO, Chad is helping to lead the way as we work toward our mission of ensuring that “all the children are well” in Greater Atlanta.

Today, hear why Chad Dillard is part of the Child Well-Being Movement:

Did you know? United Way of Greater Atlanta has a bold goal: To improve the lives of 250,000 children in our region by 2027. And we can’t do it without you! Everyone has a role in this movement. Click here to learn more about our Child Well-Being Index.

To hear more stories from volunteers, donors and advocates who are working to make Greater Atlanta a place where everyone can thrive, check out our Share Your Why video playlist on YouTube.

#WhyWednesday: Angel Washington

“I want to be the person that makes a small difference in the world today.”

Angel Washington works for Southern Company Gas and has a passion for people. Today, hear why she gives back to Greater Atlanta through United Way!

Behind all of our work at United Way of Greater Atlanta, there are people like you who get involved to ensure a better future for our children and community. Getting involved in United Way is easy. Just pick your path and start today.

#WhyWednesday: Nargis Aniston Hansen

Nargis Aniston Hansen is a travel manager for Mediacom 24-7 LTD at Pinewood Studios and a member of our Fayette Co. advisory board. Today, hear why she gives back to Greater Atlanta through United Way.

Fayette County communities can thrive today and reach their greatest future potential only if their children are thriving. That’s why our focus is on building a Greater Atlanta where every individual and family can thrive by making sure that every child has the opportunity to reach his or her potential.
Communities that can say, “all the children are well” have babies who are born healthy; kids who read proficiently by 3rd grade; teens graduating from high school prepared for college, careers and life; they grow up in secure homes, in safe neighborhoods, with healthy food, access to medical care to keep them healthy; supported by communities where people are educated, employed, and housed; with ready access to good healthcare and affordable healthy foods. Learn more here!

#WhyWednesday: Maria Torres

Maria Torres, Community Relations Specialist at UPS, has always been driven to make a difference. As a board member with United Way of Greater Atlanta’s LINC, she’s found her people and is fulfilling her purpose!

Maria says, “I always joke that I have a little ‘I want to save the world’ in me.” Today, watch Maria share her why and learn more about how she’s making an impact in our region alongside her fellow LINC members.

Ready to find your people? United Way’s LINC (Lead. Impact. Network. Change.) is a group of young professionals working to elevate their community and their connections—and you can be a part. Learn how you can get involved with LINC!

#WhyWednesday: Kim Greene

“The more you know about the United Way and all of the wonderful people that receive support — the more you want to give.”

Kim Greene is the CEO of Southern Company Gas and a board member of one of our partner agencies! Today, hear why she has supported United Way for almost 30 years and continues her support today.

United Way focuses on building a Greater Atlanta by ensuring every child has the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Through partnerships with small businesses, major corporations and other nonprofits, United Way of Greater Atlanta provides companies and their employees with engaging opportunities to make a difference in our communities. Learn how your company can get involved with us.