#WhyWednesday: Khadijah Ameen

Why is Khadijah Ameen involved in her community? Because representation matters. Today, hear how this United Way VIP grad and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Presidential Management Fellow takes action for Atlanta’s underrepresented communities.

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#WhyWednesday: Ellie Munson

Ellie Munson knows that she won the birth lottery — and she’s taking a leadership role in her community to help other children have the same opportunities she benefitted from and to improve equity in education.

What’s the birth lottery? Let this Youth United of Greater Atlanta board member break it down for you.

Whether you’re passionate about improving education, health, financial stability, access to housing or filling basic needs for our community, United Way of Greater Atlanta has a way for you to get involved! Ready to get started? Start by learning more about our Child Well-Being Movement, and sign up to volunteer!

#WhyWednesday: Lonnell Williams

“If it wasn’t for the United Way, I wouldn’t be standing here.”

At a young age, United Way YPL board member Lonnell Williams saw firsthand the painful effects of drug violence and intergenerational poverty—and determined to turn his life in a direction of serving his community and lifting others up. Today, he’s committed to ensuring others never experience the hardship he experienced.

Hear Lonnell share his powerful story:

What’s your “why”? At United Way of Greater Atlanta, you can plug into your purpose as a volunteer, advocate, donor or member of one of our many engagement groups.

#WhyWednesday: Kim Boykin

Kim Boykin, Delta Air Lines employee and United Way of Greater Atlanta African American Partnership board member, is passionate about creating opportunities for youth, because “if they can see it, they can be it!”

Today, she shares her why:

How do you fulfill your passion for community? Whether you volunteer, donate or serve on a board, we want to hear how and why you give back to the causes you care about. Share Your Why with United Way of Greater Atlanta!

#WhyWednesday: Liz Danley

Liz Danley, Director of Homelessness at United Way of Greater Atlanta, has dedicated her career to reducing homelessness and helping to ensure that everyone in our region has access to stable housing. Why is she passionate about her work? It all starts with a letter to Santa.

Do you want to help end homelessness in Greater Atlanta? Sign up to volunteer during the upcoming Point in Time Count, or click here to learn more about our work.

#WhyWednesday: Natasha Harrison

“I want all families to thrive, not just survive. I am a living testimony that healing is possible.”

Natasha Harrison, President & CEO of CommunityBuild Ventures, Atlanta native and proud member of Cole Women United, shares how her childhood circumstances inspired a life of community service.

Interested in learning more about Cole Women United? A part of our larger Women United network, Cole Women is a diverse group of community and philanthropic leaders who are committed to moving the needle on Greater Atlanta’s most pressing issues, focusing on empowering women and communities.

#WhyWednesday: Rashad Stallings

Rashad Stallings is the United Way of Greater Atlanta Young Professional Leaders Vice Chair and an advocate for our community. Today, hear why he donates his time and financial resources to pour into young people in Greater Atlanta.

United Way of Greater Atlanta Young Professional Leaders is a network of individuals, ages 40 and under, who are making an impact for our community and building the next generation of community leaders. Through their year-round support and events like the annual HoliDAY of Service and Night for a Brighter Tomorrow, United Way YPL funds their signature causes: Kids Home Initiative and the new TechUp digital literacy program.

#WhyWednesday: Vanessa Roussell

Vanessa Roussell knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of community services. Her giving back philosophy is that if one has, we should all have. As our DeKalb and South Fulton County Engagement Director, Vanessa’s goal is to ensure that all children have an opportunity to rise above their situation.

Today, hear her share why she believes in the child well-being movement and is passionate about her work at United Way of Greater Atlanta.

Do you know the child well-being score for your county? Visit our interactive Child Well-Being Heatmap and enter the zip code where you live or work to see how well the children are doing in your area.

#WhyWednesday: Stefanie Small

Meet Stefanie Small, Community Engagement Manager at the Future Foundation in East Point, and a graduate of the Fall 2018 VIP class! Why does Stefanie step up to help her community? Today, hear her share her why.

We all have something to give – whether it’s time, talent or financial resources. However you give back to Greater Atlanta, we want to hear the why behind it. Share your story with United Way!

#WhyWednesday: Katina Asbell

For Katina Asbell, local real estate broker and member of United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Tocqueville Women United, giving back is all about family. When it comes to serving the community, each member of her family has a different focus – and they can all find ways to plug into their passion with United Way.

Today, hear Katina share the causes her family cares about, and why United Way works for them.

How do you plug into your community? Whether you’re an advocate for children, are interested in ending hunger in Greater Atlanta, are passionate about improving access to quality education or love volunteering your time in whatever way your community needs you – United Way of Greater Atlanta has plenty of ways to pursue your passion.