Before you can answer that question, you’re probably wondering what a Communitarian is. Let our Spokeskid Priah break it down for you:


You May Be a Communitarian If…
As we define it here at United Way of Greater Atlanta, a Communitarian is simply someone who cares about their community and pitches in to create positive change.

Here are some signs that you may just be a fellow Communitarian:
Your closet is full of “Live United” t-shirts
You’ve registered for an upcoming United Way event (and invited all your friends)
You ‘like’ us on Facebook (or anywhere else on social media!)
You said “Lunch Is on Me!” for our latest Silence The Growl® campaign
You’re in a United Way of Greater Atlanta engagement group (or two..or three)
You care a whole lot about your community
You give, advocate & volunteer!

Here’s to all the Communitarians out there. Thanks for living united — now let’s get out there and make our community awesome!