#WhyWednesday: Khushi Magiawala

Khushi Magiawala is passionate about improving education and mental health in Greater Atlanta. Today, hear this Alpharetta High School senior & Youth United board member share why she lives united!

What are the issues you care about? Whether it’s education, health, financial stability, or homelessness, United Way of Greater Atlanta has a way to plug in and make a difference. Click here to learn more about what we do to improve community well-being across Greater Atlanta’s 13 counties.

#WhyWednesday: Christopher Jones

Today, hear why United Way of Greater Atlanta team member Christopher Jones chooses to use his talents to improve the well-being of children in our communities.

How do you give back to Greater Atlanta? Whether you’re a volunteer, advocate, donor or board member– United Way of Greater Atlanta wants to hear the “why” behind your community service. Share your why with United Way!

#WhyWednesday: Robyn Roberts

“All of us use the village to raise our children.”

Hear Robyn Roberts, champion for children and our community, share why she’s working to improve child well-being as a member of Tocqueville Women United.

Tocqueville Women United is made up of committed business and civic leaders who take action to improve the lives of children in Greater Atlanta. They join together with our Cole Women United to serve our community and further the child well-being movement in our region. To learn more about joining Tocqueville Women United, click here.

#WhyWednesday: Sanaa Edole

Sanaa Edole wants to change the world, starting with her community. Today, hear why she serves Greater Atlanta as a board member with Youth United!

United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Youth United group gives high school students the opportunity to build leadership skills and take action to change their community. Youth United board members deep dive into community issues, determining how they can best make an impact. Click here to learn more about YU board membership!

#WhyWednesday: Patrice Counts

At United Way of Greater Atlanta, volunteers make our work possible. Whether it’s helping elementary students build literacy skills as part of our Monday Reading Program, packing meals for children for Silence The Growl, providing free tax prep for families as a VITA volunteer, or helping out at another one of our many volunteer opportunities, United Way volunteers work hard to make our region a place where everyone can thrive.

In honor of National Volunteer Week, meet one of our superstar volunteers: Patrice Counts of Every Woman Works. Hear why Patrice is passionate about giving back to Greater Atlanta as a volunteer with United Way!

Are you interested in becoming a United Way of Greater Atlanta volunteer? Click here to learn more.

#WhyWednesday: Angel Maldonado

As a child, Angel Maldonado remembers having great ambition—but lacking the resources to make his dreams a reality. Today, Angel is lead pastor at The Path Church and a board member at United Way of Greater Atlanta. Hear how his experiences inspired him to make a difference for kids while giving back to his community alongside United Way.

What’s your inspiration for giving, advocating and volunteering? Everyone has a story to share, and we want to hear yours. Share your why with United Way of Greater Atlanta!

#WhyWednesday: Ronshavius Strozier

“The essence of leadership is servitude.”

Ronshavius Strozier chooses to use her leadership skills in service of her community as a United Way of Greater Atlanta Young Professional Leaders board member. Today, hear why!

United Way Young Professional Leaders is a group of community champions, aged 40 and under, making connections and sparking change in Greater Atlanta. Want to see what YPL is all about? You have two great opportunities coming up: the annual SaturDAY of Service on April 13 and the Night for a Brighter Tomorrow (on the rooftop at Ponce City Market!) on May 3.

#WhyWednesday: Evonna Christmon

“You never know who you will be a light to.”

Evonna Christmon, United Way VIP graduate and Executive Director of Blossoming Brown Girls, believes that as human beings, we are all responsible for taking care of each other.


How will you take care of your community? If you’re ready to step up into nonprofit board service, consider United Way of Greater Atlanta Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP). To apply for VIP board training, click here.

#WhyWednesday: JT Williams

What’s your “why” – the reason you give, advocate and volunteer in Greater Atlanta? Everyone has a story to share. Today, Youth United board member JT Williams shows us that your why doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to create an equal playing field for every member of your community.

Ready to dig in and do your part to help Greater Atlanta? Whether you want to volunteer, learn about our giving opportunities, join a group or step up as a nonprofit board leader, United Way of Greater Atlanta can help you fulfill your philanthropic purpose.

#WhyWednesday: Amy Barrow

Amy Barrow believes that every individual deserves access to safe, stable and secure housing—and she says that working at United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Regional Commission on Homelessness is living the dream! Today, learn why.

Want to do your part to make sure everyone in Greater Atlanta’s 13 counties has access to the stable housing they deserve? To learn more about how United Way of Greater Atlanta is addressing homelessness in our region, click here.