#WhyWednesday: Vanessa Roussell

Vanessa Roussell knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of community services. Her giving back philosophy is that if one has, we should all have. As our DeKalb and South Fulton County Engagement Director, Vanessa’s goal is to ensure that all children have an opportunity to rise above their situation.

Today, hear her share why she believes in the child well-being movement and is passionate about her work at United Way of Greater Atlanta.

Do you know the child well-being score for your county? Visit our interactive Child Well-Being Heatmap and enter the zip code where you live or work to see how well the children are doing in your area.

#WhyWednesday: Mohamed Hashim

Meet Mohamed Hashim, North Atlanta High School senior and Youth United of Atlanta board member! Mohamed believes that educational opportunity is the best avenue through which to improve our communities and to ensure that everyone can thrive. Today, listen to why he serves his community and is passionate about improving access to quality education.

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#WhyWednesday: Jackie Blair

As a UPS employee, Jackie Blair says she’s fortunate to be a part of the Greater Atlanta community and to see our region’s issues firsthand. Armed with this knowledge, she believes it’s important to give back – it’s her way of saying “We see you, and we’re part of this community. We’re all in this together.”

Today, hear Jackie share her passion for community service:


Our region’s challenges are everyone’s responsibility – when we come together, we can improve child well-being and build a better future for Greater Atlanta! If you’re a volunteer, donor or advocate, we want to hear your story. Share Your Why with United Way of Greater Atlanta!

#WhyWednesday: Kaneka Ramsey

“If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” As a child, Kaneka Ramsey experienced what it’s like to need the support of your community, from church and neighbors to nonprofits and community organizations. Those childhood experiences shaped her perspective on community service, and today, she’s passionate about giving back.

Hear Kaneka, a Wells Fargo employee, share her why:

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#WhyWednesday: Nia Welch

Meet Nia Welch, United Way 2-1-1 E-Services Community Connection Specialist! In her time at 2-1-1, Nia has handled more than 5,483 community requests, via text, online chat and our 2-1-1 website. Her work has helped people in Greater Atlanta access the resources they need to find jobs, achieve financial stability and improve their lives. Today, she shares her why with us.

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#WhyWednesday: Paul Neves

Today, hear how volunteering with a tutoring program helped Paul Neves of UPS build a bond with a student, and with his community.

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#WhyWednesday: Jennifer Johnson

Meet Jennifer Johnson, Delta flight attendant and United Way of Greater Atlanta Young Professional Leaders board member! Jennifer believes that in order to be successful, you must help other to become successful too. Today, hear her “why” – the reason she’s committed to the child well-being movement, and YPL’s signature cause: Kids Home Initiative.

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#WhyWednesday: Cimenar Banks

Meet Cimenar Banks, proud UPSer! Cimenar knows the importance of giving back to her community – and she’s instilling those same values in her children. Watch Cimenar’s #WhyWednesday video to hear why she gives and volunteers with United Way.

Are you passing on your philanthropic values to the next generation? Whether you’re a volunteer, donor or advocate – or all three – United Way of Greater Atlanta wants to hear the “why” behind your giving. Share Your Why with us and inspire other community champions to join the child well-being movement!

#WhyWednesday: Nadia Rahali

“I give because it matters. I give because other people have stood for me to have the resources that benefitted me when I needed help.”

Loudermilk Conference Center General Manager Nadia Rahali began giving to United Way about 20 years ago – but when a personal tragedy led her to call United Way 2-1-1, she saw firsthand the true power of giving back. Today, hear her story.



Why do you give? Whether you’re a new volunteer or a lifelong United Way donor, we want to hear the “why” behind your commitment to community service. Share Your Why with United Way of Greater Atlanta!

Share Your Why

Jasmine, a Banneker High School senior, gives back because she knows what it’s like to need the help of her community. Today, she gives her time and talent to Greater Atlanta by serving as a Youth United board member! Youth United is exclusive to high school students who have a passion for serving others and who want to develop their leadership skills by giving back to the community. Hear Jasmine share how she pays it forward to her community:

Do you pay it forward to your community? However you give back to Greater Atlanta, we want to hear the “why” behind it. Tell us your story today!